Are teenagers apathetic to the less

A common story is that Mark was a terrific student until middle school or sometimes high school. If a teenager has always struggled in school, it is not surprising when the higher grades become more of a challenge. When bad grades come in a child who was previously a good student it is more of a puzzle. Kids are trying to figure out who they are and what their place is in the world and the easiest shortcut is to assume a pre-formed identity such as jock, or math whiz or rule breaker.

Are teenagers apathetic to the less

To be apathetic is to show no care or feeling no interest, enthusiasm, or concern.

Are teenagers apathetic to the less

I feel that this statement is too general as not all teenagers are apathetic towards the less fortunate. Most teenagers these days do have sympathy for the less fortunate and are trying their best to help those in need. For example, some of them lend their time to help out in Community Involvement Projects CIP and they donate to certain organisations to help the less fortunate.

Most teenagers these days have concern for the less fortunate and even a simple act of donating to the man selling tissue papers on the street shows that they care. It is wrong to generalize and say that all teenagers are apathetic towards the less fortunate because not everyone is like that.

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Teenagers are sympathetic towards the less fortunate. Teenagers are definitely not apathetic towards the less fortunate. If they were, they would not be sacrificing their daily meals and snacks, which are so important to them just to help to raise awareness.

I believe that they sincerely care about the less fortunate. They are willing to sacrifice their time to help in this noble cause.

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They were inspired by their OBS experience to take a step beyond what was expected of them by helping the less fortunate through preparing, cooking and distributing meals.

If teenagers are apathetic, would this make the adults and senior citizens even more apathetic? They are the working class in Singapore and they are earning a living, as compared to these teenagers. Teens have to struggle with school work and meeting high expectations, but they still manage to find the time to volunteer to help charitable organizations as compared to adults.

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Even though adults have different burdens, it should not wane their passion to volunteer to help the less fortunate. It is indeed very tough and hard to find time to volunteer in this busy society but if the teenagers can do it, why not the adults?

From this we can see that teens in Singapore are sympathetic towards the less fortunate and they do not mind sacrificing their time to volunteer and help the less fortunate.

In this case, the roles are reversed when the teenagers are setting a standard that the adults and senior citizens are trailing behind. Hence, we can see that teenagers are sympathetic towards more needy people, and are ready to sacrifice their time to help them.

Teenagers take the initiative to start on new projects or volunteer to help the less fortunate.

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Youthsthatcare, a humble organization started by three siblings aims to help the less fortunate by organizing projects to raise funds. As students with no financial sponsorships, it would be quite hard for them to raise enough money to help fund the needy.

Over the years, the membership of the organization has grown, and this shows that there are in fact, teenagers who care about the less fortunate people around them are more than willing to sacrifice their precious time to help raise funds, join or start on projects to help these people in need.

Another example is the organization Young Change Makers that grants the youths money in order to go about their initiated CIP. One of the events organized by the youths was to have a day camp for children from low-income families.

Are teenagers apathetic to the less

These teens take the time to plan for these projects and it probably takes a lot of effort for them to pull the even together.When an enthusiastic child grows into an uninvolved and apathetic teenager, parents understandably become concerned.

Apathy -- indifference to and How to Get Apathetic Teenagers to be Engaged | Dec 01,  · Survey of Students Suggests Americans Are Apathetic About Ethical Standards Educators reacting to the findings questioned any suggestion that today's young people are less honest than previous.

Apathy can mask a variety of problems. The lesson for parents is: don’t ignore protracted or pronounced apathy in your adolescent. It's true: many young people are apathetic -- some don't care about the environment, workers' rights or the quality of education.

But those who try to claim that most youth in this country are passive and inactive can't distinguish the forest for the trees/5(11). Are today’s teenagers really slackers, the apathetic, baggy-pants wearing, unmotivated individuals so often portrayed by the media?

This engrossing account--based on a landmark study of 7, teens--gives us good news and bad news about our teenagers. Teenagers in some countries are also not exposed to the less-fortunate, causing them to be apathetic towards the less fortunate.

Teenagers in some countries are simply not given enough opportunities to be exposed and to interact with the less-fortunate, living an ignorant life during their years of adolescence.

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