Bon accord care business plan

Thank you all very much for coming this morning to the State of the City Address.

Bon accord care business plan

During the first half of this parliamentary session the majority of our work programme was devoted to the reform of the public sector and, in particular, how this impacted on local government, either by presenting challenges to be overcome or providing opportunities to be seized.

Much of the latter part of this session has focussed on community empowerment and its role in public sector reform.

One of the recurring topics which arose throughout all our work was ALEOs and their role in the delivery of public services. They can be seen as a more efficient and cost effective way of delivering public services on one hand, or, on the other hand, a way of shifting accountability for the delivery of services.

This report seeks to examine the factors which give rise to this tension and highlight areas we believe are of importance if ALEOs are to be viewed as part of the solution and not the problem. The key areas of interest to us were: An ALEO is a body which is formally separate from a council but is subject to its control and influence.

ALEOs usually take the form of companies or trusts and can register as charities if they have charitable purposes and undertake activities in furtherance of these activities.

Increasingly councils are using ALEOs to deliver public services, such as leisure services, arts and cultural services, social care, economic development, property development and employment services.

Its purpose was to promote and encourage good practice in the way ALEOs were set up and operated and it focused on how councils could maintain governance and accountability for both finance and performance.

While acknowledging efficiencies, it identified concerns about accountability, governance and ill-defined boundaries with council functions. The report set out key action points for councillors and officers on how to strengthen their working practices and relationships with ALEOs. The report estimated there were around major ALEOs at that time.

The report concluded that overall charitable ALEOs were operating well within their unique environment. OSCR confirmed it would continue to monitor them under its usual monitoring regime and asked ALEOs to consider some recommendations around councillor trustees and regular review of their objectives.

Douglas Sinclair, the Chair, advised a letter had been sent to council leaders, the chairs of council audit committees and council chief executives encouraging them to apply good practice more consistently across ALEOs. The letter highlighted the importance of strong governance, particularly around minimising potential conflicts of interest, ensuring regular and proportionate monitoring, and including clauses for review and termination in funding agreements.

We also took evidence from Inverclyde Council. In addition we held a community roundtable event to provide a forum for people in the Inverclyde area to share their views about ALEOs. Our second oral evidence session was held on 18 November when we heard from more ALEOs and their council liaison points: Our final session on 2 December was with the Chief Executive of Aberdeen City Council, the council leader and the liaison officer for Bon Accord Care who were unable to attend the session on 18 November.

The minutes and the Official Reports of all the meetings can be found online. We also conducted a targeted survey of local authorities and councillors who were board members of ALEOs. Our aim was to gather further information about the practices adopted by councils in monitoring and scrutinising ALEOs and the type of training councillors received as ALEO board members.

We also invited the public to respond to some specific questions regarding ALEOs covering complaints handing and engagement.

In total 16 local authorities 3 contacted us to say they had no ALEOs13 councillors and 8 members of the public or organisations responded.

bon accord care business plan

Of the councils who responded, many had different approaches to governing their relationship with ALEOs and scrutiny arrangements varied. Most used a scrutiny committee of some description, but we also heard about governance hubs and partnership panels.

bon accord care business plan

The regularity of information and type of information collected differed amongst the local authorities. For example, the majority relied upon annual reports while one council required no regular written report. Responses suggested the type of ALEO and its purpose dictated the approach to monitoring finance and performance.

The results, although not comprehensive, provide a sample view at the time of our inquiry. We thank all those who responded to the survey, submitted written evidence and provided oral evidence to us. This has helped clarify a number of areas of practice and informed our report.Bon Accord care home in Hove placed in "special measures" after two residents die during inspection.

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About Bon Accord Care Bon Accord Care is a key provider of Older Peoples Services within Aberdeen City. An ALEO (Arm’s Length External Organisation) of Aberdeen City Council we are comprised of two registered limited companies Bon Accord Care (BAC) and Bon Accord Support Services (BASS).

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