Celebrity personal assistant cover letter

That type of personal assistant often works as the right-hand man for upper-level executives or celebrities, but people in the profession also work with people with disabilities who need help with the activities of daily living. No matter what the specific job duties, your application materials need to include a resume, cover letter and reference sheet. Research the Prospective Employer Knowing what to include in your resume and cover letter requires knowing the employer well first.

Celebrity personal assistant cover letter

Decatur, AL Dear Ms. I have an associated degree in business and the ability to handle many of the administrative duties associated with being a personal assistant.

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I have the skills to coordinate your schedule, make appointments, answer mail and arrange business meetings. I also have experience working in public relations, which has provided me with the skills needed to give advice on how to handle public appearances.

I understand that being a personal assistant for a celebrity involves a wide variety of duties that can change from day to day and that the job description includes running personal errands for the client.

I have the skills and ability to handle the challenges associated with this job while maintaining a pleasant and friendly attitude. I have lots of patience along with the ability to stay calm and focused at all times.

I have excellent organizational skills and the ability to manage my time wisely. I can ensure that all of your essential needs are met and that things are going according to schedule, so you can take time relax. I know how to present myself in a professional manner and I understand that my actions have a direct impact on the client.

I also have the ability to travel all over the globe as necessary to be there for the client. Please call to arrange a meeting.In , we've paused to note celebrity deaths such as Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, Sen.

Celebrity personal assistant cover letter

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Celebrity personal assistant cover letter

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A sample cover letter for Personal Assistant communicating similar skills can be seen below. For help with your resume, check out our extensive Personal Assistant Resume Samples. Dear Mr. Osborne: Upon learning of your need for a Personal Assistant, I felt compelled to submit my resume for your review.

As an organized and efficient professional.

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