Cool hand luke compare and contrast

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Cool hand luke compare and contrast

I have also written for rejesus and Open Heaven amongst others. Films, Faith and Fury. Whilst I appreciate that it isn't the most technically or artistically excellent film in the history of cinema, there's plenty of those things to admire and so somehow it's just found a special place in my heart.

However, until last night, I'd never actually seen it in widescreen, or on DVD. I have to say it was an incredible experience - almost like watching it again for the first time.

For a long time I was cynical of both the widescreen TV, and the DVD agenda and saw them as unnecessary ideas to milk money from a gullible public. Whilst I don't doubt that such reasons have accelerated the revolution compare the time DVDs took to gain market dominance over VHS compared to the replacement of audio tapes with CDsI have to say I have changed my mind.

Watching Cool Hand Luke in widescreen converted what had been fairly unspectacular compositions into memorable ones, and the extra clarity of the DVD image gave fairly uninspiring images into objects of beauty.

All of a sudden there was scene after scene of parallel lines tracking t-heir way to their vanishing point on the horizon, and arrays of single light bulbs contrasted against deeper, darker backgrounds. The film is particularly relevant to this blog inasmuch as it is the classic example of a "Christ-figure film".

Messianic imagery is fairly common these days, whether it's in ET, Braveheart, The Matrix or Gladiator, but it was considerably rarer back inand this film has far more Christological richness than any of those modern films.

Furthermore the film invites us to examine the parallels with two very specific shots which can only have been designed to draw comnparison.

The first shown above is perhaps the most obvious, but the final shot also lays over the shot of the road where the chain gang continue with the torn, and now repaired, photo of Luke heralded by two "angels" Dragline's words not mine seemingly floating in the skies.

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Significantly, whilst we saw the photo being torn in unevenly several times, the tears on the final photo form a cross i. Most discussions of this film, however, read it a little simplistically.

Rather than the film being a simple form of semi-allegory, it creates images and a story line which draw comparisons to the life of Jesus, but these comparisons fall in a non-linear, and sometimes multiple way.

Consider for example the end of the lives of Jesus and Luke. In the gospels, Jesus is i- betrayed, ii- arrested, iii-tried, iv-beaten, v-walked to the point of execution, vi-killed, vii-buried, viii-resurrected, and finally ix-ascends whilst x-the church is born.

Luke however is betrayed at least twice. Once during his first escape by a fellow inmate who decides at the last minute to try to escape, but does so in such a noisy fashion that he draws attention to Luke's escape.

We see an overhead shot of this prisoner hanging onto a tall wooden fence post which evokes a comparison with Judas.

However, this shot is often overlooked in favour of a comparison with Dragline who brings the authorities to Luke at the end of the film. In most other places in the film, both before and after this betrayal, Dragline functions as Peter.

Dragline's burly figure fits with the stereotypical though extra-biblical image of the big fisherman, he is the leader amongst the apostles both before his betrayal, and, significantly, after it, when he is shown testifying to the others what occurred that night shown right.Cool Hand Luke directed by the reputable Stuart Rosenberg and nominated for four Oscars is a tragic tale of an ordinary individual rising up the courage to oppose the establishment, thus becoming a hero.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest vs. Cool Hand Luke Analysis Analysis Compare Both McMurphy and Luke were abused by their respective systems: Luke by the Captain of prison ward and McMurphy by the Big Nurse of the mental institution, both representing conformity.

Cool hand luke compare and contrast

High quality Cool Hand Luke inspired Contrast Tanks by independent artists and designers from around the world. Full-bleed artworks on the front, solid black or .

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Cool Hand Luke The film Cool Hand Luke is an amazing film. The film isn t just a good story, it goes much deeper than that. It almost duplicates the bible and it s stories.

In fact, many critics compare Luke to Jesus Christ. The director, Stuart Rosenberg, tries to artistically set up the c. Cool Hand Luke () Quotes on IMDb: Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, TV series and more.

Cool hand luke compare and contrast

The movie "Cool Hand Luke", written by Donn Pearce and directed by Stuart Rosenberg, is a movie about a chain gang in the earlier half of the twentieth main character, Luke, played by Paul Newman, is a character who wants to be his own boss, and who is determined to escape from the road prison he is serving his two year sentence at.

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