Double indemnity film essay

June 2, Touchstone Pictures Robin Williams's portrayal of John Keating was one of his iconic roles, and this drama about boys at a prep school in still endures.

Double indemnity film essay

Dane Clark is Danny Hawkins, a kid from the backwoods orphaned when his father went to the gallows, bullied into an angry young man, and finally pushed into killing a tormenter in a blind rage. With its poetic imagery, eerily expressionistic flashbacks, and floating camera movement, it has the texture of a silent movie in the sound era.

Criterion gives the film its Blu-ray and DVD debut from a 4K digital transfer of the original 35mm nitrate camera negative. This transfer looks amazing with great detail, rich texture, excellent contrast, and a sense of depth to the image.

While the City Sleepsostensibly a thriller about a serial killer John Drew Barrymore on the loose in the generic big city and the media circus around the investigation, is really more of a media satire centered on a multi-media news company. Ida Lupino is the newspaper columnist whose nose for office politics is her greatest survival skill, the first among equals in a cast of wily Hollywood pros: Both While the City Sleeps and Beyond a Reasonable Double indemnity film essay are presented in the SuperScope process, a cheap widescreen alternative to the anamorphic CinemaScope process that involves masking and re-photographing the negative in post-production to create an anamorphic print.

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By the mid-fifties, as Hollywood tried to counter the threat of TV, it was standard practice to project films in aspect ratios somewhere between 1. These discs present the SuperScope editions at 2: The new 2K Blu-ray masters show the increased grain inherent in the process.

While softer than true widescreen productions, it looks fine, with good contrasts and clean images. After the credits play over a time-lapse painting of a woman in a kimono from sketch to completion, we are immediately slammed into "Los Angeles—Main Street": The tawdry tabloid energy gives way to a police procedural, but the real story of The Crimson Kimono is the buddy drama between police detective partners Joe James Shigetaa Japanese-American married to the job, and easy-going Caucasian cop Charlie Glenn Corbett: The Blu-ray debut from Twilight Time presents a crisp master of the black-and-white image.

He Walked by Night is one such case. Despite its tired premise, it excels by providing cinematographer John Alton with a chance to flex his incomparable skill in nearly every scene.

In addition to maintaining a cohesive style under two directors Alfred L.

Double indemnity film essay

Dialogue is kept to a minimum whenever the killer appears, with auditory and visual tactics used to heighten tension. The imagery here all but overloads the ocular senses, with reflective surfaces puncturing the darkness and chiaroscuro wielded with a precision that leaves subsequent examples underwhelming in comparison.

The picture transfer, capturing every flicker and visual flourish, is immaculately handled, as is the audio commentary by film historians Alan K. Rode and Julie Kirgo. Said mobster, Vic Amato, is played by Edward G. Spurred on by a Biblical "vengeance is mine" morality, Rollins sets out to kill the men who framed him despite the pleas of his former love Joanne Druan elegant nightclub singer.

Parts of the Frank Tuttle-directed movie were filmed throughout San Francisco, causing some jarring transitions between outdoor locales and sterile studio-bound scenes.

What it offers, along with Richard Widmark as a commitment-wary airline pilot and the debut of year-old Anne Bancroft as an experienced-beyond-her-years nightclub chanteuse, is rising 20th Century—Fox starlet Marilyn Monroe as a small-town girl unraveling on a babysitting assignment.

British filmmaker Roy Ward Baker, making his American debut as Roy Bakeruses the maze of hallways and elevators and compartmentalized spaces to create an atmosphere of disconnection and dislocation and delivers a delicious play of flirtation and voyeurism through keyholes and the facing windows across the courtyard of the U-shaped hotel, with blinds dropping and rising up in invitation, all in a tight 75 minutes.For one of the first issues of the new year, she wrote an essay the magazine entitled “Farewell to the Enchanted City.” (Later generations of readers would come to know it better by the title “Goodbye to All That.”).

Double indemnity film essay

Sexism in Film - In society, women are often perceived as the weaker sex, both physically and mentally. In modern times women have leveled the playing field between men and women, and feminism is a highly discussed topic, but for years, women faced discrimination and prejudice both in life and in the workplace, due to their sex.

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Maybe you'll meet a dangerous stranger along the way. Bill Murray isn’t the only seemingly otherworldly figure in Groundhog the same New York Times feature, film critic Michael Bronski noted the Christ-like attributes assigned to.

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BY JOHN M. WHALEN. Kino Lorber has released “Singing Guns” (), a Republic Pictures “singing cowboy” western filmed in Trucolor. The film is based on a western novel by Max Brand, and is pretty unremarkable except for the fact that the cowboy anti-hero, Rhiannon, an outlaw with a long bushy beard who has been robbing .

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