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Layout[ edit ] The Bee Once into the attraction, there is a meandering path with views of the two biomes, planted landscapes, including vegetable gardens, and sculptures that include a giant bee and previously The WEEE Man removed ina towering figure made from old electrical appliances and was meant to represent the average electrical waste used by one person in a lifetime.

Eden project

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The Eden Project is a huge glass house, perfect for vast gardens full of exotic fruits and plants. It greatly increases the city profile and removes pollution from land, air, and water, making land in the city area more valuable.

Eden project

Performance Edit Once all unique buildings are built and the city has reached the final milestone, the Eden Project can be built. Once built, the Eden Project will slowly purify the land, air, and water from pollution.

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Buildings will stop polluting, however, existing pollution created from buildings prior to the Eden Project will linger. Existing pollution will slowly dissipate as time goes on. The Eden Project will raise land value of entire city that all buildings will be upgraded to their maximum level under the presence of the Eden Project.

New buildings built after the Eden Project will not produce any pollution, unless the Eden Project is removed. Despite purifying the environment from pollution, the Eden Project does not reduce noise pollutionas noise pollution is not a harmful substance created by buildings, rather it is sound waves produced by vehicles and buildings.EDEN.

Eden project

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The Eden Project – including the name – has been on the to-do list since Zooskool. You can imagine my consternation, then, 5 minutes prior to pitching it officially – that . Dubbed the Eighth Wonder of the World by some, the Eden Project is a dramatic global garden housed in tropical biomes that nestle in a crater the size of 30 football pitches.

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