Incident at oglala essay

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Incident at oglala essay

This resulted into sheer panic in fear on the families after which shots were heard, and a shoot-out started leading to more than one hundred agents, goons and other armed officers to surround the site. Incident at oglala essay to several trusted sources, more than forty Americans were killed during this incidence while most of the agents were seriously injured in the process.

The movie mainly focuses on the claim that only one convicted suspect, Leonard Peltier was innocent and that he did not take part in the alleged crime.

However, in an effort to achieve this aim, it neglects proven truths about the matter that would otherwise be used to support a logical conclusion. Robert Redford, who aims at ensuring that the audience gets to understand that the suspect is innocent, is the narrator of the Incident at Oglala.

Incident at oglala essay

However, in the proceedings of the movie, the writer fails to show exactly how the suspects, who the FBI personnel were chasing for armed robbery, managed to stop their vehicle in a bare field. According to reliable sources, Leonard Peltier was arrested on February After his arrest, the Government presented documents containing official declarations by Myrtle Poor Bear who claimed to be Mr.

However, in reality, Ms. Poor Bear did not witness the shootings since she was not present during these happenings.

Soon after this, Ms Poor withdrew and denied the allegations she had made before saying that the FBI had threatened her and forced to sign the sworn statement with its affirmations. Peltier was thereafter taken to the United States for further trials.

After being held in North Dakota for two years, another witness alleged to be an FBI agent changed his account of testimony contrary to previous claims that the FBI agents followed a pickup truck onto the scene.

Incident at Oglala Essay by simplyjewels, College, Undergraduate, A+, October download word file, 2 pages download word file, 2 pages 0 votes. Incident at Oglala Essay Sample. In the case of Leonard Peltier, his arrest and conviction were the result of the atmosphere of fear, anxiety, tension, and violence prevalent in the cultural and historical contexts associated with the . Chasing Mavericks is a American biographical drama film directed by Curtis Hanson and Michael Apted about the life of American surfer Jay Moriarity.. It was the .

The new account sated that the FBI agents had followed a red and white van to the place of shootings, a vehicle that Mr. In the entire process of trial, a number of witnesses gave their testimonies but after it all ended up admitting that, the FBI coerced them to give wrong information about the case and furthermore not even a single witness identified Mr.

Peltier as the shooter. Immoral Behavior and Its Influence to People Overall, the Incident at Oglala is an entertaining movie which if watched by an individual with an open mind will definitely affect the viewers morals, both positively and negatively.

This is because there are a number of outstanding things that one can learn from the movie. In addition, there are also other evil things that evil and criminal in society, which are implicit in the documentary.

This is because such immoral behavior can lead to moral rot, if exposed to people. Therefore, it will be extremely important that careful scrutiny be done in the proceedings of the events in the movie. Some of good things that the viewer can learn after watching this movie include virtues such as honesty.

In the movie, we see witnesses who are coerced by the FBI to give false testimonies. However, in the process of the trials they were able to stand their ground and give the whole truth of the matter contrary to the conflicting testimony they had given out before.The film “Incident at Oglala: The Leonard Peltier Story” is a documentary exhuming the year old case which has serious implications on the democracy of the United States of America, in terms of equal rights amongst races.

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Incident at Oglala Essay by simplyjewels, College, Undergraduate, A+, October download word file, 2 pages download word file, 2 pages 0 votes. The Incident at Oglala: The Leonard Peltier Story is a political documentary which questions the claims of justice and equality in the United States.

While watching “Incident at Oglala,” it is difficult to agree with the government that Leonard Peltier is guilty of murder.

Michael Apted, the director, and R. The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (Lakota: Wazí Aháŋhaŋ Oyáŋke), also called Pine Ridge Agency, is an Oglala Lakota Native American reservation located in the U.S.

state of South ashio-midori.comally included within the territory of the Great Sioux Reservation, Pine Ridge was created by the Act of March 2, , 25 Stat. in the southwest corner of South Dakota on the Nebraska border.

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