Management accounting paper

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Management accounting paper

Meaning and Definitions of Management Accounting: The term management accounting refers to accounting for the management. Management accounting provides necessary information to assist the management in the creation of policy and in the day-to-day operations. It enables the management to discharge all its functions i.

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Management accounting is concerned with all situations including monetary and non-monetary economic events from the point of view of management. Management accounting concentrates on future operations, profitability etc. Objectives of Management Accounting: The objectives of management accounting are: Efficiency includes best possible services to the customers, investors and employees.

Management accounting paper

In short, the objective of management accounting is to help the management in making decisions and implementing them efficiently. Scope of Management Accounting: Management accounting has various facets.

The field of management accounting is very wide. The main purpose of management accounting is to provide information to the management to perform its functions of planning directing and controlling. Management accounting includes various areas of specialization to render effective service to the management: Management accounting rearranges and uses the financial statements.

Therefore management accounting does not exclusively maintain factual data for itself. It is closely related and connected with financial accounting, thus, management accounting is dependent on financial accounting which limits its scope.

Cost accounting is an essential part of management accounting. Cost accounting, through its various techniques, reveals efficiency of various divisions, departments and products.

It also provides information regarding cost of products process and jobs through different methods of costing. Management accounting makes use of all this data by focusing it towards managerial decisions. Budgeting is setting targets by estimating expenditure and revenue for a given period.

Management accounting paper

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© ACCA All rights reserved. 1 Management Accounting (MA)/FMA September to August Guide to structure of the syllabus and Study guide. Paper F2 – Management Accounting –is concerned with managing the business so as to achieve better performance.

It includes topics such as how to calculate the cost of producing items in a manufacturing company, the preparation of budgets, and the calculation of variances as a way of trying to control costs.

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