Municipal affairs business plan

The agreement was signed by H. Rashid Bin Lahej Al Mansoori.

Municipal affairs business plan

Your file OP Dear Ms.


Please write to the E-mail address above. As well, we wish to draw your attention to two aspects of the Comprehensive Amendment that are of concern to us. We believe that the last-minute concession to Thomas Cavanagh Construction Limited, inserted in policy 8 of section 3.

As explained by legal counsel at the November 26 meeting of Council, this concession would result in Cavanagh withdrawing its pending appeal of the 5-year Moratorium on country lot subdivisions approved by Council in June Details, including the Reasons for Decision by Annis J.

municipal affairs business plan

Should the trial proceed and the City win its case, then this last-minute deal was unnecessary. Should the City lose, then the result should be without import since the moratorium would expire in June anyway.

In fact, we would expect the City to argue in court that, for all practical purposes, the case is now moot. The Alliance has consistently advocated and supported the end of rural development in the form of country lot subdivisions. These particular concessions are especially regrettable as the lands involved contain many natural heritage features and have recreational value as well.

Further details, including Natural Heritage System maps of the parcels involved, can be found on our web site at http: We also note that, at Council on November 26, several Councillors dissented from this last-minute amendment to policy 8.

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In conclusion, we suggest that policy 8 b of section 3. While we commend the City for its work on natural linkages eco-corridors; please refer to http: Municipal Planning Techniques and Tools. The City's analysis identified 1-km wide corridors, based on a sophisticated least-cost analysis for movement of plants and animals.

However, these corridors were then not transposed on the natural heritage system maps the Schedules L1, L2 and L3. Instead, the Schedules were only amended to show woodlands or floodplains that are found within those corridors.

As a result, the corridors -- and the natural linkage functions they represent -- are not visible and are not as such assisting the development review process. Given that the Natural Heritage System components on Schedules L only serve as a trigger for the requirement of an environmental impact statement if any development in or near them is proposed, we believe that the corridors themselves should be identified as such a trigger and should be so marked on the Schedules.

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We would appreciate acknowledgement of receipt of this letter and will be pleased to discuss our objections with you further or otherwise look forward to your Notice.Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing on matters related to Section of the Provincial Policy Statement in accordance with the “Protocol Framework – One Window Plan Input, Review and Appeals”.

Report of Municipal Affairs for are expected imminently for a large apartment complex that will ultimately consist of units called Chestertown Business Campus Apartments, and a Dixon Headquarters building will be constructed in the new Chestertown Business Park.

Repave or repair streets as part of a comprehensive, long-term plan;.

municipal affairs business plan

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ALL NEWS FROM THIS MINISTRY. More from this Ministry. Factsheets & Opinion Editorials; Search News; Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, has released the following statement in response to the homelessness situation in Nanaimo: Read More. Legislation An alphabetic list of legislation administered by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and the Ministry of Housing.

Long-standing Service Award The Long-standing Service Award program recognizes municipally elected officials with 25 or more years of service. Since , this annual award program has encouraged municipalities to share their successes by recognizing accomplishments in the provision of municipal .

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