Nuclear fusion the last microfrontier essay

Fusion-fueled power generation has been the energy of the future for several decades.

Nuclear fusion the last microfrontier essay

The Sun generates its energy by nuclear fusion of hydrogen nuclei into helium. In its core, the Sun fuses million metric tons of hydrogen each second. The hydrogen deuterium - tritium D-T fusion reaction is used to release the fusion energy.

Animated D-T fusion demonstration. Nuclear fusion is the process of making a single heavy nucleus part of an atom from two lighter nuclei. This process is called a nuclear reaction.

It releases a large amount of energy. However, it is not as heavy as the combination of the original mass of the starting nuclei atoms. This lost mass is changed into lots of energy. Fusion happens in the middle of starslike the Sun. Hydrogen atoms are fused together to make helium.

Evolution of a Star

This releases lots of energy. This energy powers the heat and light of the star. Not all elements can be joined. Heavier elements are less easily joined than lighter ones. Iron a metal cannot fuse with other atoms. This is what causes stars to die.

Stars join all of their atoms together to make heavier atoms of different types, until they start to make iron.

Nuclear fusion the last microfrontier essay

The iron nucleus cannot fuse with other nuclei. The star eventually will cool down and die. The reason is that fusion reactions only happen at high temperature and pressurelike in the Sun,because both nuclei have a positive chargeand positive repels positive.

The only way to stop the repulsion is to make the nuclei hit each other at very high speeds. They only do that at high pressure and temperature.

The only successful approach so far has been in nuclear weapons. The hydrogen bomb uses an atomic fission bomb to start fusion reactions. Scientists and engineers have been trying for decades to find a safe and working way of controlling and containing fusion reactions to generate electricity.

They still have many challenges to overcome before fusion power can be used as a clean source of energy. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Nuclear fusion.Several of Japan's nuclear power plants, especially the Fukushima Naiishi plant in northeastern Japan, are experiencing serious problems in the wake of Friday's earthquake and tsunami.

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All Things Nuclear

of energy exists, and so does the process to create it. Nuclear fusion, a process in which the Helium 3 isotope is utilized is the rapture in which the U.S.A., and the world, could produce a great amount of energy as an alternative to petroleum.

The fifth in a series of articles this week on energy innovation and the American economy To say the nuclear industry has had highs and lows in the last 35 years is an understatement. The. Nuclear reactors make use of uranium as fuel and produces huge amounts of energy from small amounts of uranium.

Nuclear fusion the last microfrontier essay

The Earth has the high reserves of uranium. Current estimates put the uranium supply as enough to last for 30 to 60 years. Moreover other fuel cycles like Thorium are available for power generation.

In nuclear physics, this equation explains why tremendous amount of energy can be produced by nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. The mass converted to energy in fission and fusion is approximately % and %, respectively.

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