Reflection on placement experience

Search Clinical Reflection in Nursing Students are asked to write reflections as part of their nursing curriculum.

Reflection on placement experience

The internship in practice Objectives of the internship Monday 8 April — Friday 28 June This internship report is divided into four main sections.

The first section gives a general introduction of the internship institution I was hosting at during my internship period. The second section provides an overview of the internship in practice and the duties and tasks that I was assigned to do, and the third section is devoted to an evaluation and reflection of the knowledge and experiences that I gained during the course of the internship highlighting the linkages with the EPA programme and finally the fourth section giving recommendations to future interns.

In Octoberthe embassy started its work with the deployment of its first two diplomats: Ilir Dugolli and First Secretary Mr. From January the Embassy expanded with more diplomats and the establishment of a Consular service within the Embassy. The building houses, the political section embassy offices and the Consulate sector.

Following completion of internal procedures in Kosovo, in the head of Mission Mr. Ilir Dugolli was granted the rank of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. Activities of the Embassy are organized around several pillars: Chief of Mission manages the Embassy and cover all main fields.

Consular Section handles consular matters. Lendita Haxhitasimi covers relations with the Council, European Parliament, bilateral relations with Belgium and Estonia.

Labinot Hoxha covers relations with EU Commission who was my supervisor and I was placed in his sector. As stated earlier in the same building resides the Consulate of the Republic of Kosovo, with its diplomatic personnel: The main purpose of the internship was to gain exposure into the European public affairs sphere first-hand.

The following section will give you a description of the internship objectives and the type of working I conducted. To get detailed knowledge on the job responsibility. To experience the real job environment. To compare the real scenario with the lessons learned from EPA master program.

Reflection on placement experience

To fulfill the requirement of EPA master Program. My interest in Political Science and European Public Affairs as a study field goes back to my high school when I was keen on studying Philosophy, History and Geography. The search for the right institute for this internship experience involved a long process of writing letter of motivation, cover letter, updating the CV and sending the applications.


I was looking for an institute that was dedicated to my area of interest foreign policy. Due to the following reasons I had a chance to work with wide range of tasks and therefore was able to get fully acquainted with the functioning of the diplomatic service.

During my internship at the embassy my supervisor was the First Secretary of the embassy Mr. Labinot Hoxha who deals with issues related to the European Commission. At the beginning of the internship I formulated several learning goals, which I wanted to achieve:Internship Experience Essay Sample.

Reflection on placement experience

Posted on October 5, by EssayShark. It is a reflection showing the experiences during the period. This report is divided into three parts and begins with a self-reflection, career outlook and the overview of the bank as seen from the inside.


Nursing students' reflections on the learning experience of a unique mental health clinical placement Abstract Introduction There exists a need for innovative thinking to identify new clinical placement opportunities for nursing students.

Recovery-based clinical placements for mental health nurse students remain unique and. Students are required to complete a self reflection for each learning experience and responsibility day.

Click on the following buttons to access the appropriate form. Clinical rotations are a critical component of your nursing education. Your nursing clinical experience presents the opportunity to work with real patients, experience work environments you may want to pursue once you have earned your Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and learn how you will work with fellow nurses, physicians, and other .

This reflection essay is based on my clinical experience whilst my clinical placement at The Sutherland Hospital on the Rehab ward. I have chosen to reflect on administration of Intramuscular injection using GIBBS cycle (), as it was my first experience administering medication via intramuscular route.

A clinical reflection is a descriptive "story" that nursing students write about their clinical day. As simple as this journaling exercise seems, it is a powerful tool for development of novice critical thinking skills.

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