Understanding the mysterious phenomenon of the black hole

Not a moon, not a planet and not even light. But how did black holes come to be, and why are they important?

Understanding the mysterious phenomenon of the black hole

The Island[ edit ] As the main setting of the series, the island boasts a number of unusual properties. Its location changes at times and it cannot be reached by ordinary means. The island is surrounded by some sort of barrier which causes disruptions in the normal flow of time for those who cross it.

Electromagnetic phenomena are common on the island, and it seems to bestow unusual healing properties to its residents.

Artist's impression of the V Cygni black hole jet. Credit: G Pérez Díaz (IAC) They are nature’s very own Death Star beams – ultra-powerful jets of energy that shoot out from the vicinity of black holes like deadly rays from the Star Wars super-weapon. Time. Time is what a clock is used to measure. Information about time tells the durations of events, and when they occur, and which events happen before which others, so time has a very significant role in the universe's organization. As a follow-up to Tuesday’s post about the majority-minority public schools in Oslo, the following brief account reports the latest statistics on the cultural enrichment of schools in Austria. Vienna is the most fully enriched location, and seems to be in roughly the same situation as Oslo. Many thanks to Hermes for the translation from ashio-midori.com

Structures[ edit ] The Black Rock[ edit ] Located deep Understanding the mysterious phenomenon of the black hole the jungle is the Black Rock, a sailing ship from the midth century.

In " Ab Aeterno ", the Black Rock set sail in and was captained by Magnus Hanso and had Richard Alpertfull name being Ricardo and last name being unknown, as a prisoner.

Jacobthe protector of the island, does not deny when asked by his fraternal twin brother if he brought the ship to the island, as the two watch it approaching. Eventually it is swept inland by a colossal rogue wavedestroying all but one foot of the coastal Statue of Taweret on its way, but a mystery remains as to how the Black Rock had landed on almost the other side of the Island from where the statue of Taweret was.

In " The Constant ", it is explained that the Black Rock set sail from PortsmouthEnglandon March 22, on a trading mission to the Kingdom of Siamwhen she was tragically lost at sea. The contents of this journal have never been made public nor known to anyone outside the family of the seller Tovard Hanso.

This journal is later bought at auction by Charles Widmore. In " Exodus ", John Locke mentions that this ship must have been en route to a mining colony, probably set-off from the Eastern Coast of Africa, Mozambique.

The ship contains dynamite, mining equipment and several chained skeletons, although slavery had been outlawed in British ships and possessions by Leslie Arzt Daniel Roebuck mentions that a tsunami could have swept it a couple of miles inland as seen later in the episode.

The cabin[ edit ] The cabin was built by the Dharma Initiative mathematician Horace Goodspeed as a sort of retreat for himself and his wife.

It is surrounded by a broken ash circle. While at first it is believed that Jacob resides there, it is actually the Man in Black [ citation needed ] in the cabin, falsely giving orders on behalf of Jacob.

The cabin has appeared in three separate locations. The lighthouse[ edit ] In " Lighthouse ", Jacob instructs Hurley to take Jack to a heretofore-unseen lighthouse on the Island's coast. At the top of the lighthouse's stone tower is a set of mirrors which can rotate via a large stone dial, labeled with numbers and in some cases the names of the "candidates".

Jack is able to see an image of his childhood home reflected in the mirrors when they are turned to his number, 23; whether this is due to some property of the lighthouse mirrors and structure or simply to Jacob's influence is unclear. The ruins[ edit ] There are ruins on the Island, many with hieroglyphs.

In " Live Together, Die Alone ", while at sea, SayidJinand Sun sight the remnants of a massive statue standing upon a rock in the surf. All that is left is a large, four-toed marble foot broken off at the ankle.

Sayid remarks that he does not know which is more disquieting: It has been compared to the Colossus of Rhodes. The statue seen from behind has lion-like ears, a crown on the head, long hair, an ankh in each hand, and ancient Egyptian dress.

The statue is named Taweret[3] the Egyptian god of fertility and life. At the base of the statue is a secret chamber in which Jacob resides. All four elements of earth, water, fire, and air are represented in this chamber. In addition, painted on the ceiling was "an ancient Egyptian astronomical chart which refers to the stars and planets, time, and the goddess Taweret.

Toward the end of the third season, Ben tells Richard to continue leading the rest of the Others to the Temple, and in " Meet Kevin Johnson " sends Alex, Karl, and Rousseau to the same location.

His map marks it with a Dharma Initiative symbol, but the Temple has also been mentioned as something the Monster is in place to protect. In addition, in " The Shape of Things to Come ", after Alex is killed, Ben summons the Smoke Monster in a secret chamber hidden in his closet whose stone door contains hieroglyphics.

In " There's No Place Like Home Pt 3", when Ben enters the Orchid Station, behind the official Dharma built station, he finds what appear to be ancient tombstones covered with unknown hieroglyphs on his way to the final room, where an ancient man-made wheel rests that is used to move the island.

In the fifth-season episode, " This Place is Death " shows a better view of what appears to be the Temple that Ben will one day order Richard to lead his people to, which is directly guarded by the Monster.A supermassive black hole (SMBH or SBH) is the largest type of black hole, on the order of hundreds of thousands to billions of solar masses (M ☉), and is found in the centre of almost all currently known massive galaxies.

In the case of the Milky Way, the SMBH corresponds with the location of Sagittarius A*. EVANSTON, Ill. Through first-of-their-kind supercomputer simulations, researchers, including a Northwestern University professor, have gained new insight into one of the most mysterious phenomena in modern astronomy: the behavior of relativistic jets that shoot from black holes, extending outward across millions of light years.

One story of such a desert Sasquatch comes to us from San Diego County, California, at what is called the Borrego Badlands or the Borrego Sink, a vast sprawl of uninhabitable desert, dry canyons, arroyos, perilous crevasses, and underground caves within the unwelcoming Colorado Desert of .

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The legendary hole was apparently long known in the area as The Devil’s Hole, and supposedly measures around 9 feet across, with the strange addition of seemingly hand-placed bricks lining the interior down to a depth of around 15 feet, after which it drops off into, well, no one really knows.

Understanding the mysterious phenomenon of the black hole
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