Write amplification ibm retirees

The flash modules for FlashSystem are a custom form factor that provide the flexibility to implement not only a unique controller design, but also enable fewer restrictions on component placement, power, and cooling requirements than standard form factors. These modules also offer the implementation of customized control and communication interfaces that offer the ability to provide hardware data path protocols focused on a single solution.

Write amplification ibm retirees

Traditionally, enterprise SSDs are built on high-endurance multi-level cell MLC flash and can handle up to 10 drive writes per day. Now, because of software advances and industry demands, less write intensive SSDs can be used with applications where write operations are less frequent.

Differences between mainstream and enterprise SSDs Mainstream SSDs are less expensive to use, but also have lower endurance and random write performance. Therefore, the number of write operations to a mainstream drive is limited typically, one drive write per day DWPD versus 10 DWPD on an enterprise drive.

A drive write per day writes the entire capacity of the drive in 24 hours. You can write more data in a day, but the DWPD is the average usage rate by which the life span of the drive is calculated.

Since many applications only require about 1 DWPD, these are the most commonly used drives in the industry and thus used for mainstream applications. Only applications that require high endurance or the highest random write performance need enterprise drives.

Differences between mainstream and enterprise SSDs

This extra capacity, called over-provisioningis used by the SSD controller during the operation of the drive. When more over-provisioning is available, the controller extends the life of the flash more effectively. NAND flash can be written programmed and read in small units that are called pagesindividually, but to rewrite that page, the page must first be erased and then programmed again.

Due to the architecture of NAND flash, erase operations are completed on the block level and not the page level. Each block contains hundreds to thousands of pages. Therefore, to erase a block, all of the valid data must first be transferred to another block and then you can erase the block.

write amplification ibm retirees

The SSD controller then searches for blocks with large proportions of pages that have data that can be erased. Then, the SSD controller moves and combines the pages of data that must be retained to previously erased blocks, which then frees these new blocks for erasing. This process of moving data to free up blocks for erasing is called garbage collection.

Increasing the over-provisioning of an SSD enables the controller to be more efficient in garbage collection and minimizes extra read and program operations. All of these background operations result in more data that is written to the flash than what is written to the drive.

The ratio of data that is written to flash and the data that is written to the drive is referred to as the write amplification. All else being equal, write amplification is greater for drives with lower over-provisioning.

Lower cost for mainstream drives The cost per GB of a mainstream drive is typically less than the cost per GB of an enterprise drive. The cost is low because the amount of over-provisioning is less and almost all the flash memory in the drive is available for storing data.

write amplification ibm retirees

Lower write operation performance for mainstream drives Mainstream drives are similar to enterprise drives in terms of read performance. However, because of the lower over-provisioning of the mainstream drives, the random write performance is reduced because of the higher number of background operations that are needed for garbage collection and associated write amplification.

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Thus, lower over-provisioning decreases both performance and endurance. Read performance is not impacted. No mixing of mainstream drives with enterprise drives in disk arrays Endurance differences imply that when you form disk arrays, you must not mix mainstream drives with enterprise drives because the PCIe SAS adapter stripes data across drives, thus sending equal data to each drive.

Monitoring end of life for mainstream drives You must monitor end of life symptoms for mainstream drives because of their endurance limitations. Internally, when the drive nears the end of life, a predictive failure analysis PFA trip is generated and an operating system message is logged. When this trip is generated, the drive continues to run but it must be replaced as soon as possible.

Therefore, you can determine the root cause of a failure by using operating system support that is provided by a fuel gauge command.

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